Top Mobile App Ideas To Boost Women Security and Safety.



With each passing day the crime rate is increasing rapidly, the safety and security of women has become a greater concern than ever before in today’s world. According to one survey, 81% of women have faced some sort of serious harassment, before puberty.


From domestic violence to violent crime outside the home, various situations have pushed many women into a corner where they lose the confidence one needs to face the outside world. Each day countless crimes are reported, yet all too often no one gets up on their hind legs and actually does anything to help protect these women; especially while they’re being threatened to drop the charges against their abuser, or else.


Yes, we have a myriad of laws, rules and regulations, but it takes consistent and uncompromising enforcement to ensure the consequences of violating them will someday be taken seriously. Living with all of this takes a toll on a person, physically as well as emotionally. For some women, all of this becomes too much to endure, and so they lose hope.


Fortunately, many countries are trying to do something about the problem. What if I told you we can help? What if I told you smartphone apps, and their developers, could be part of the solution?


Don’t look so surprised!


A well thought out app can do the job of helping to protect someone the same way other apps already help people manage their daily activities. Moreover, developing an app that helps increase the safety and security of women can be a brilliant way to give your startup a real boost.


So if you have a startup, work somewhere much larger, or are just freelancing in the basement, then you’ve come to the right place for some of the best safety app ideas for women in 2021. We’ve put together a list of 7+ (okay, 8) app ideas that enhance the personal safety of women, and these can easily be used for native as well as cross-platform apps.


8 Brilliant App Ideas For Women’s Safety and Security


1. Stay Connected and Protected With Loved Ones.



According to many studies, most crimes happened late at night, but women can’t lock themselves in from dusk until dawn. In metropolitan cities, where offices, convenience stores, fuel stations and more are open 24/7, you can’t expect women to only work the day shift. People need jobs and a great many of those jobs require working well into the night. And don’t forget it’s often women who are the ones to run out for emergencies, no matter what time they occur.


Imagine how much safer they could be with an app, maybe your app, that tracks their location and calls someone with the press of a single button. A husband? Father? Friend or the police? Any of those is possible, and you can make it even better if the app were to show the woman’s location on Google Maps, automatically.


Here are some features you could include in the app

  • The ability to share your location with friends and family, in real-time.
  • The ability to notify friends and family that the user has safely made it to wherever they were going.
  • The ability to call for police or medical assistance, perhaps in a premium version.
  • Of course, you’d want to be able to release on more than just one platform.


Pro Tip: Keep the basic version of this app free and don’t forget to consider releasing to wearables.


2. Identify Safe Zones, Anywhere


While travelling to the new cities, or location, it’s common to feel unsafe, especially when you are travelling during the night. To ensure safety and security, the app will start sharing nearby locations that are safe to stay in case of emergencies like a hotel, guest house or anything where you will not feel alone.


Now you must be wondering how an app will judge, which is the safest place at different time zones?


The basic idea of evaluating the safety of the place is, it starts collecting data based on lighting, the density of population, the number of women and children around and the approx availability of the public transport.


The best features and technologies you can integrate are:

  • Add the directory of the nearby places that seems to be secure and safe, so one can immediately make a call for the help.
  • Live tracking system to keep a record of your last location.
  • GPS location that guides you the way and let you know the estimated time to reach.
  • A multilingual option can help users to access the app in any language.
  • Provide the provision to mark a safe or unsafe location to intimate other women.


Pro Tip: Make sure the app is built with leading cross platform frameworks like Flutter or React Native and leverage the power of Machine learning, deep learning and cross sourced data to make this app function smoothly.


3. Identify the Danger Level of the Location



Are you travelling to the unknown place? Whether it’s safe or unsafe to travel alone is the first most frequent question that usually pops up in my mind while stepping out at unusual timings. But with the application, you can quickly determine the level of danger and accordingly decide which is the safest location to visit alone.


In this type of mobile application, there are pre-categorized messages based on the danger or safety level. Three colours are being used :


Green will simply mark the person as safely reached to the final destination, While yellow will notify her contacts that she is suspicious of someone or not feeling safe at the place she is. And Red, will intimate the highest level of danger and send a panic alert and information of her location to the SOS contact that she is in trouble with.


Best features you can integrate into this app are:

  • To uplift the functionality of the app, you can send the red button’s message to the police emergency room so the nearest police stations can take action in real-time.
  • Keep the user interface simple and more comfortable to access. You can link the colour codes to the number of times the button is pressed. This simply means a double tap on the button indicates green, which marks you safe. Three taps will turn yellow colour, and more than three taps will indicate RED.


Pro Tip: To keep it simple, effective and useful, you can choose to get connected to the top software development company backed by a highly skilled UX/UI designer that enables you to build the excellent interface of the app and leave better user experience.


4. Shake and Activate the App


Emergencies never tell you before coming and having such a handy women safety app in a mobile phone can be a real saviour. In addition, it is common to get in a panic situation while finding yourself helpless or alone in an unsafe place. Instead of opening your phone or going through the detailed features, users can simply activate the application by shaking their phone two times.


The best feature of this app is, it quickly sends out the alert message to SOS by shaking your phone and informing them about your exact location. Users can quickly get started with this app with simple signup.


Best features you can integrate into this app are:

  • Integrate the live tracking system and GPS location in the app.
  • Make sure the phone’s camera is also activated and start taking and sending pictures to the SOS contacts.
  • Add the provision to record audio and video clips in-app and send it to the user’s SOS contacts, as every second is essential in case of emergencies.


Pro Tip: To develop this app, make sure to leverage industry best technologies and proven methodologies that fit the advanced functionality of the app. You can also choose to hire a software developer that can easily understand your needs and able to develop a solution that perfectly syncs your business needs.


5. Feel Safe In Taxi



Women can feel safe even in a taxi no matter at what time they are travelling and where they are travelling. With this women safety app, the moment you hire a cab, an app will share your contact details with the listed SOS. The app will intimate the registered contact details about the user’s last location.


If she is not feeling safe in the taxi, she can immediately send the taxi number to the linked contacts and send your live location details to them in the form of multimedia message. With the real-time location link, SOS contacts can easily identify you location and track you where exactly you are heading.


Latest features you can integrate to the app are:

  • To make this app work seamlessly, make sure you integrate a feature that accurately share the live location of the user or moving vehicle.


Pro Tip: While the idea might be typical for app development, you can make a significant difference by simply embedding the advanced level of features and functionality to this app.


6. Voice Recognition Powered Women Safety Apps


I guess everyone is well aware of this fact that technology in voice recognition has taken the world by storm. From ecommerce apps to intelligent devices, businesses from all verticals are leveraging the power of this technology. And women safety apps are not left exceptional!


Integrating this booming technology in Women safety application can be a cherry on a cake for the app development companies engaged in creating high-end safety apps.

Now the question is, are they as simple to integrate as in other mobile applications?

Firstly, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the choice of technologies that developers can leverage to customize these types of applications. With such integrated technologies along with voice recognition, the app can easily understand the consciousness in the voice of the user.

Latest features you can consider to integrate into the app are:

  • Make sure the app supports multiple languages, so users can quickly shout out in their mother tongue when in a panic situation.
  • It should have a live location tracking system.
  • Allow reaching the emergency contact by pressing the power button for three times in 5 seconds and put the call on speaker.
  • Once the app is activated, the user can send an emergency voice message or make a call to the listed SOS contacts along with the GPS location.


Pro Tip: Since developing this type of app required complex structure and expertise in leading technologies like AI, ML, and Voice recognition. Therefore, it is worth collaborating with the app development company that has a soundtrack record of delivering projects with the same technologies.


7. Create a Safety Zone For Women, Kids and Elderly



With the maximum crime cases registered for women, children and elderly- now its time to create a safe zone for them with an app. Yes, with an app!


Startups can choose to develop an app that allows citizens to freely report the crime cases or illegal activities happening in their areas anonymously. Right from lost or stolen cases to women violence, users can register any complaint by directly calling the police. The best part about this app is, it will not disclose the user’s identity to the authority.

Best possible features you can integrate in-app are:

  • Incorporate elements like live tracking, emergency calls and SOS alerts.
  • Make sure to develop this app with modern cross-platform frameworks and technologies including React Native, Flutter or Xamarin.
  • Keep the interface of the app, as simple as possible as all age people will access this app.


Pro Tip: This app idea is not as simple and easier to implement as it may sound to you. To make this idea successful, it is worth hiring an app development company that has all the experience to transform your app development idea into a robust solution without any hassle.


8. Red Panic Alert


While the name of the app itself explains the logic of the app. Are you feeling unsafe at the unknown place and don’t have anyone to save you? Don’t worry, by pressing the red alert button on your app; you can easily activate the panic mode of the app and send an alert message, call and email to the SOS contacts for the help. Make sure the app will send alert through all these three modes while red panic mode is on, so that user can get help in real time.


The app is highly simple and can easily navigate without any hassle. With the direct message, live location and contact details of the user, are shared with the list of registered contacts.

The best feature you can integrate to this app are:

  • With the long press on the red alert button for at least 3 seconds, the pre-draft alert message will be sent to the SOS contacts.
  • The app should be ad-free and allow you to send unlimited panic alerts to unlimited contacts.
  • Integrate the app with smartwatches and other wearables.
  • Users can send audio, video and text alert messages.


Pro Tip: While the app development idea seems to be very simple, but with the help of mobile app developers, you can leverage advanced technologies and methodologies to create this application and make it highly functional.




With the end of this article, it is clear that women safety has become an urgent need of the hour in all across the globe. Keeping this concern in mind, we have tried to bring you the most practical and functional mobile app development ideas that can help women to stay safe and alert to some extent. There are many women safety apps already available in the market. Still, we tried to bring you some unique ideas blended with the latest technologies to match the needs of modern society.


To transform these app ideas into a perfect solution, you can hire a mobile app development company that holds expertise in creating applications that perfectly syncs the market needs.


Apart from all these app ideas, if we missed out any vital suggestion that deserves to be in this list, then you can drop your ideas in the comment box.






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